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Anteprima AW1920

Milan Fashion Week

Autumn Winter 2019 2020

From The Front Row 

and Backstage

by Gili Biegun 

All the natural beauty, prints and textures, Anteprima's autumn winter 2019 2020 collection is pure comfort and confidence. The earthy color palette with popping turquoise is realized on countless textures and layers.

Anteprima aw1920_73.jpg
Anteprima aw1920_67.jpg
Anteprima aw1920_61.jpg
Anteprima aw1920_62.jpg
Anteprima aw1920_32.jpg
Anteprima aw1920_31.jpg
Anteprima aw1920_14.jpg
Anteprima aw1920_21.jpg
Anteprima aw1920_8.jpg
Anteprima aw1920.jpg
Anteprima aw1920_1.jpg
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