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Ljubljana Fashion Week | Runway and Backstage

Best of Ljubljana fashion week

100% unique and original photography

By Gili Biegun 

April 19'

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Mateyaneira, Janja Videc, Svetlana Jaćović, Fashion Scout SEE winner Gala Borovic and Becha Design.

LJFW day 1  |  LJFW day 2  |  LJFW day 3  |   Joy's World x LJFW 

ljfw day 2_36.jpg

Day 2 Mateyaneira

Ljubljana Fashion Week

Photography by Gili Biegun

Day 2 of Ljubljana fashion week:

Feminine and powerful, Mateyaneira presented a chic and elegant evening wear collection alongside cool T-shirt and well structured.

ljfw day 2_28.jpg
ljfw day 2_26.jpg
ljfw day 2_23.jpg
ljfw day 3_101.jpg

Day 3 Janja Videc

Ljubljana Fashion Week

Photography by Gili Biegun

On Day 3 of Ljubljana fashion week Janja Videc presented a minimal, flowing and natural collection. Over size summer dresses, spaghetti straps over long sleeves and crisps fabrics.

ljfw day 3_97.jpg
ljfw day 3_95.jpg
ljfw day 3_82.jpg
ljfw day 3_79.jpg
ljfw day 3_77.jpg
ljfw day 3_24.jpg

Day 3 Svetlana Jaćović

Ljubljana Fashion Week

Photography by Gili Biegun

In many different colors, prints, textures and fabrics Svetlana Jaćović   created a happy and light summer collection that can easily transformed from day to night wear.

ljfw day 3_19.jpg
ljfw day 3_15.jpg
ljfw day 3_7.jpg
Fashion Scout SEE 2019_51.jpg

Fashion Scout SEE winner Gala Borovic 

Ljubljana Fashion Week

Photography by Gili Biegun

Day 1 of Ljubljana fashion week:

Young, edgy and well structured, Fashion Scout SEE winner, Gala Borovic showed us 4 pieces of her collection and we can’t wait to see more.

Fashion Scout SEE 2019_47.jpg
Fashion Scout SEE 2019_46.jpg
ljfw day 1_20.jpg

Becha Design Ljubljana Fashion Week

Photography by Gili Biegun

On day 1 of Ljubljana fashion week Becha Design presented glam evening wear in bright colors. Sparkle, feathers, tulle in high heels Becha Design dresses are red carpet ready.

ljfw day 1_15.jpg
ljfw day 1_14.jpg
ljfw day 1_16.jpg
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