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Calcaterra AW1920

Milan Fashion Week

Autumn Winter 2019 2020

From The Front Row 

and Backstage

by Gili Biegun 

Inspired by Amelia Earhart, Daniele Calcaterra Created an empowering autumn winter 2019 2020 collection for the modern woman. Comfort and feminine, in unique color for each look.

calcaterra aw1920_101.jpg
calcaterra aw1920_83.jpg
calcaterra aw1920_87.jpg
calcaterra aw1920_76.jpg
calcaterra aw1920_64.jpg
calcaterra aw1920_55.jpg
calcaterra aw1920_45.jpg
calcaterra aw1920_42.jpg
calcaterra aw1920_10.jpg
calcaterra aw1920_5.jpg
calcaterra aw1920_105.jpg
calcaterra aw1920_4.jpg
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