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ROG Center

A creative space in the center of Ljubljana

Article by Gili Biegun

Nestled within Ljubljana’s cultural tapestry, Center Rog stands as a dynamic institution where collaborative ingenuity and hands-on creativity converge. This renovated ex bicycle factory provides an exceptional space for artists and innovators across diverse domains to cultivate and express their creativity.

Beyond a conventional cultural center, Center Rog serves as an innovation hub where the boundaries of creativity are perpetually pushed. Within its confines, nine production laboratories seamlessly unite traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technologies. Here, a diverse community of architects, carpenters, biochemists, cooks, metalworkers, bookworms, computer enthusiasts, and more, come together to nurture their ideas.

One of the most compelling facets of Center Rog is its Artist Residency Program. This initiative invites foreign creators, researchers, and lecturers from specific areas to inhabit and work within five distinct spaces situated on the center’s top floor. In the spirit of international exchanges, this program equally extends opportunities for Slovenian artists to engage with creative centers worldwide. A larger residential workspace caters to families and creative collectives, while another studio is thoughtfully designated for creators with migrant and refugee backgrounds, fostering a supportive environment for their artistic pursuits.

What’s more, Center Rog recently hosted Ljubljana Fashion Week this October. This international event brought together designers, artists, and fashion fans, further enhancing the center’s reputation as a hub of creative expression.

Center Rog, located in the heart of Ljubljana, transcends conventional cultural centers to foster an inclusive community where creativity thrives. Whether one is an artist, designer, creator, or simply a curious individual, this space is a catalyst for ideas to flourish, collaborations to evolve, and creative endeavors to prosper. Come, explore, and uncover the endless possibilities of creative expression at Center Rog.

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