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London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020

A 35mm analogue visual story by Gili Biegun

Gala Borovic, the winner of Fashion Scout SEE, presented her collection during LFW ss20 this September.

 The Serbian born fashion designer reflects maximalist aesthetics in her brand and often experiments with leveling- up the importance of a process with the final outcome. ''The brand symbolises adult playground, a platform which counter reacts on the emotionless and remote fashion industry. By focusing on textile, print and concept development Gala’s working process regularly includes capturing the intimacy of essential life moments. She is re-using bizarre and unpredictable forms by turning them into concepts, concepts into garments and garments into collections. Finally, the brand provokes personal transformation of the new self where the reality is based on misbalance, asymmetry, and ever-lasting change.'' 

~Fashion Scout 

JOYS production 

A film by Maggie Zhu

creative direction assistant Gili Biegun

location London Fashion Week

Fashion editors running in heels during fashion week spring summer 2020 month.

A unique point of view on and off the runway~ 

The editor's choice

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