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Fashion , Vol.5



A visual story by Gili Biegun

This visual story is part of JOYS Fashion Book vol.5 Autumn Winter 2019/2020 printed edition (coming soon)

6:00 am. A young woman arrives on an early flight to Paris for a leisure meets business trip. High heels and last night’s outfit after hours of airport and on-air time she is rolling a heavy suitcase through the arrival gates of Charles de Gaulle. 

‘’Taxi’’ she waves. ‘’Hotel Flanelles, 14 rue Brey 17ème arrondissement’’.




The name ‘’Flanelles’’ is a french wordplay and has 2 meanings: the soft woven fabric we all know (and some love), and taking a stroll. The 25 rooms boutique hotel is an experience tailored to the guests requests. Similar to the spatacular couture dresses that brought me to Paris, Hotel Flanelles impeccable details were designs to be enjoyed by the modern fashionable woman and her companion.


First things first

Early check-in during the Parisian high season is as likely as winning the lottery. Hotel Flanelles got the powerball offering early check-in on request and an access to the hotels spa, showers, changing rooms and relaxation rooms while waiting. 

The hotel spa is a well-being space revolves around the idea of a refuge from the busy city centre and focuses on finding relaxation during your trip. 



The hotel’s ‘’petit-déjeuner’’ buffet offers homemade honey and muesli, Maison Perrotte creative jams, old-fashioned cooked ham from artisan Doumbéa, refined cheeses handpicked at the Rue Poncelet market situated within a short walking distance.


My room

The rooms interior is inspired by a relaxed stroll in Paris. Grey flannel or trench tartan, tweed, denim or sailor’s stripes, every room has its own Parisian character.


Minimal and clean white and black open bathroom with an extra large bath and a seperate waterfall shower. The black marble, organic beauty care and ghd dryer gave the space the final touch and feeling of ‘’can this be my bathroom?’’. 

Washed with natural light, bathroom and bedroom are separated with shutters to offer privacy while creating a flowing feeling of relaxation. Light grey with rose gold touch, light faded pink pillows, a tv camouflage as a photo frame on the wall among unique art. 



Situated few steps from Arc de Triomphe I was pleasantly surprised by how local, relaxed and quite the Rue Brey is. Beautiful cafes, wide range of restaurants and bistrot,  Rue Poncelet market are all in a short walking distance.



The best way to discover Paris is on foot. Walk around, get lost. Learn about yourself from the streets and find your special corner of Paris.

hotel flanelles paris_13.jpg
hotel flanelles (9).jpg
hotel flanelles (7).jpg
hotel flanelles (12).jpg

Art and details in the lobby and restaurant area.

Art direction and interior designs created by Laurent & Laurence during their walks around Paris,  exclusively for the Hotel Flanelles.

hotel flanelles paris_8.jpg
hotel flanelles paris_6.jpg

Designed by Laurent & Laurence, the graphic chequerboard motifs offer a new take on the world-famous Paris Metro tiling in the bathrooms, where you will also find exclusive products from the Prescription Lab products.

hotel flanelles paris_4.jpg
hotel flanelles paris_7.jpg
hotel flanelles paris_5.jpg
hotel flanelles paris_2.jpg
hotel flanelles (1).jpg
hotel flanelles (5).jpg
hotel flanelles (3).jpg

''The hotel’s rooms are designed to be lived in and made your own, in your own time. Even the public areas are private. The layout and configuration of the place, full of twists and turns, feature an inviting lounge — where the mood is cosy and hushed — appointed, naturally with comfortable couches. For your enjoyment, the hotel also boasts an open kitchen, reminiscent of a studio or workshop thanks to its glass roof, an inspired and inspiring library, a piano corner for music and conviviality… and a cocktail bar for fun encounters, where guests can concoct their very own cocktails using seasonal ingredients and recipes. At the Flanelles, all roads lead to enjoying life’s many small pleasures.''

hotel flanelles (14).jpg
hotel flanelles (6).jpg
hotel flanelles (4).jpg
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