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pitti 101 by Gili Biegun (1).jpg

Pitti 101

Captured on Polaroid by Gili Biegun

The differentiation of men’s and women’s fashion in the new millennial has been battling me for 22 years. By 2022 the industry has promoted non-binary presence in campaigns, runways, and fashion weeks, but collections? Collections are for men or women. Not both and, god forbid, definitely not for neither. 

But for some reason, this old-school division works. Twice a (standard) year, (traditional) men’s fashion lovers everywhere gather in Florence, Italy, to celebrate suits, ties, and everything in between.

Pitti Uomo’s hundred-and-one edition was celebrated ‘’under strict regulations,’’ and FFP2 face masks were literally the must-have item of the season. Among the 620 (!!!) exhibitors, some emerging brands are admitting: ‘’women can wear it as well’’. The #PittiPeople true love for their fashion week, or rather, two days and a half, is stronger than pandemics and translates to every language. There is no doubt about it. 

My main question remains- is gender discriminated fashion reasoned with a cut, silhouette, and traditional tailoring, or is it pure gold-digging, for the love of manufacturing, selling, and cold heart cash? 

pitti 101 by Gili Biegun.jpg
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pitti 101 by Gili Biegun (3).jpg
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