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Santo Spirito Vintage Market

Photography by Gili Biegun and Martha Thomson

May 19'

Florence, Italy

The Santo Spirito Vintage Market takes place every second Sunday of the month and offers a variety of real and fake pre-loved items such as clothes, art, books, kitchen supply and furniture.

With more than 6 restaurants and bars in Piazza Santo Spirito and the vicinity to other tourist attractions (yet not being the average tourist list) this vintage market can be a perfect escape from the busy crowds and a unique experience in Florence.

Vintage May_4.jpg
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Vintage May_12.jpg
Vintage May_13.jpg
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Vintage May_16.jpg
Vintage May_17.jpg
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Vintage May_23.jpg
Vintage May_24.jpg
Vintage May_26.jpg
Vintage May_30.jpg
Vintage May_32.jpg
Vintage May_37.jpg
Vintage May_5.jpg
Vintage May_39.jpg
Vintage May_40.jpg
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