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Savini Tartufi | The Luxury Experience 

In to the wild


By Gili Biegun and Yulia Emmance

March 19'

Tuscany, Italy

With 4 generations of truffle hunters the Savini family are expert in truffles from A-Z. 

Now they open their doors and invite truffle lovers to experience the full luxury truffle experience. From the woods of Tuscany to a 5 stars hotel's restaurant in the heart of Florence, the Luxury Truffle Experience with Savini Tartufi is a unique and unforgettable experience.

savini tartufi_48.jpg
savini tartufi_10.jpg

The Truffle hunters: Luca, Andrea and Giotto the dog in the woods before the hunting experience begins. 

savini tartufi_3.jpg
savini tartufi_11.jpg
savini tartufi_24.jpg
savini tartufi_34.jpg
savini tartufi_22.jpg

A fresh truffle from the ground found by Giotto the dog

savini tartufi_43.jpg
savini tartufi_47.jpg

A small part of the delicious aperitivo in the Savini Museum 

savini tartufi_41.jpg
savini tartufi_69.jpg

Dinner at the 5 stars NH Collection Firenze Porta Rossa.

savini tartufi_50.jpg
savini tartufi_62.jpg
savini tartufi_48.jpg
savini tartufi_63.jpg

Amuse-bouche by the chef

savini tartufi_64.jpg

Egg cooked at 62 degrees C, crunchy rosemary bread, fermented truffled milk and fresh truffle

savini tartufi_68.jpg

Tagliolini with zabaione parmigiano and fresh truffle.

savini tartufi_71.jpg

Chianina beef tartare with truffled mustard mesclun, baby peaches and fresh truffle.

savini tartufi_72.jpg
savini tartufi_58.jpg
savini tartufi_65.jpg
savini tartufi_55.jpg
savini tartufi_51.jpg
savini tartufi_56.jpg
savini tartufi_57.jpg
savini tartufi_52.jpg
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