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Between Shibuya& Shinjuku

The beating heart of Tokyo, a festive, colorful attraction, and the major commercial and financial center; This is a walk between Shibuya and Shinjuku.


Famous for the world’s biggest crossing and the 2 largest train stations, Shibuya is known as one of Japan’s fashion centers and a central nightlife area. Overwhelmed by the enormous crowd on a Wednesday afternoon, its enough to look up to the special ward skyline- endless reflections of neon lights in buildings and sky-scrapers. Passing Dōgen-zaka, a road in central Shibuya famous for its surrounding nightclubs and love hotels, which, you know, people go to ‘’make love’’, crossing Yoyogi Park and the Meiji Jingu shrine, we arrive in Shinjuku.


Literally means “New Inn Ward”; Since the end of the Second World War, Shinjuku has been a major secondary center of Tokyo, rivaling the original city center in Marunouchi and Ginza. 
A commercial and administrative center, housing the northern half of the busiest railway station in the world (Shinjuku Station) and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the administration center for the government of Tokyo.
We focused on the once hidden, now tourist attraction Omoide Yokochō, small alleys crammed with izakaya-type restaurants in old and rundown buildings that contrast entirely with the big-modern-city surroundings.
Omoide Yokocho roughly translates as Memory Lane - or, in other words, a place that you know from way back and feel somewhat nostalgic about, and is most photogenic on old 35mm film.

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