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A luxury stay in New Zealand’s ‘Island of Wine’ 

Only 21km off the shore of Auckland, just a quick ferry ride from the north island’s largest city, Waiheke is the country’s number 1 tourist island, with over 30 vineyards in its total 92 km2 surface area. They say that volcanic land, rich in minerals, the climate, and salty air are the key ingredients for good wine. Paired with the unique topographic shape of the islands, which have many scenic beaches, rivers, and hills, it’s easy to see why Waiheke is so admired by Kiwis and foreign travelers. 

The most popular overnight stay on the island is with an easy-to-book BnBs, and the need for a luxury and sustainable stay raised the passion for working in harmony with nature of Silmara and Cobus Scholtz- owners of Omana Luxury Villa.

Designed by architect Pete Bossley, the Villas are sustainable, surrounded by nature, and have access to a private beach. With the supervise of Silmara, no details were overlooked: a rotated tv, almost disappearing in the horizon, heated floors throughout the mini villa, XL tub and pampering bath salts, beach bags with flipflops and beach towels (in case you forgot your own), and curtains easily opened/closed in a push of a button from the comfort of your The custom-designed bed. Even the coffee beans and tea leaves were carefully selected from local businesses for a personal, sustainable, and elevated experience. 

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