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Ljubljana Fashion Week | Travel

‘’Where is Slovenia?’’

A fashionable trip to Ljubljana

By Gili Biegun | April 19' | Ljubljana, Slovenia

About 15 years ago I asked myself this very question while reading Paulo Coelho’s book ‘’Veronika decides to die’’. When I was invited by Ljubljana Fashion Week to be part of the Fashion Scout SEE judging panel I couldn't refuse and was on a mission to discover how accurate was Coelho when he described the city in his book.


If I was told Ljubljana is a small village in sweden, I’d believe it. The clean well maintained beautiful streets, small squares, cute cafes and restaurants, the river and the bridges- nothing about the city centre portrays the image I had in mind of a former Yugoslavic town.


‘’Many people invaded Ljubljana and left their mark’’ said Melinda Rebrek LJFW's executive producer when I asked about the diversified architectural view. Despite its complicated past, the picturesque streets of the town don’t revile signs of war.

The only sign of ex communism is the low prices in restaurants, bars and local fashion stores. Only 1 hour drive from Trieste, Italy with the easy to cross European Union borders Ljubljana is a gem in the heart of Europe.


Everything is in walking distance in the city centre and I could use the physical activity because while I was visiting town for fashion week Ljubljana was also celebrating Restaurant week.

Maybe a bit Counterintuitive but I was very happy to find out that the city’s best restaurants were offering delicious tasting menus at extremely affordable prices.


In his best seller, Paulo Coelho tells the story of the city local Veronika and her thoughts after reading the title ‘’Where is slovenia?’’ in a French magazine. I chose to give my article the same title mostly because I know where Slovenia is, yet for 15 years I’ve never visited although it is situated few hours train ride from home.

On a second thought, maybe its better that no one knows where ljubljana is. The quiet streets will lose their charm with masses of selfie-sticks-carrying 1-and-a-half-day tourists (and no one likes to stand in lines for museums).

But with the lack of excitement and growing fear among travellers in paris and london the discovery of tourism in slovenia will be

inevitable. So come visit fast, before everyone else will.

A special thanks to Melinda Rebrek, Andrea Varga (I.Dea PR) and LJFW team for their kind hospitality.

Hotel: Slon Hotel

Restaurants: Cubo

1552 restaurant

Vander Urbani

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