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Belgrade Fashion Week | Runway 

Best Of Belgrade Fashion Week | Lalić

100% unique and original photography

By Gili Biegun 

April 19'

Belgrade, Serbia

Aleksandra Lalić collection ''I've been too fucking busy or vice versa'' raising philosophic questions about the subjectivity of time. Flowers, ruffles, geometrical shapes and the signature extra large sleeves of Lalić made it our favourite collection from the 45th edition of Belgrade fashion week.

Special thanks to I.Dea PR for coordinating this unique project and to Belgrade Fashion Week team for having me in the front row.

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Lalic by Gili_77.jpg
Lalic by Gili_76.jpg
Lalic by Gili_73.jpg
Lalic by Gili_70.jpg
Lalic by Gili_61.jpg
Lalic by Gili_55.jpg
Lalic by Gili_65.jpg
Lalic by Gili_53.jpg
Lalic by Gili_51.jpg
Lalic by Gili_50.jpg
Lalic by Gili_48.jpg
Lalic by Gili_47.jpg
Lalic by Gili_80.jpg
Lalic by Gili_45.jpg
Lalic by Gili_39.jpg
Lalic by Gili_32.jpg
Lalic by Gili_31.jpg
Lalic by Gili_30.jpg
Lalic by Gili_2.jpg
Lalic by Gili_29.jpg
Lalic by Gili_20.jpg
Lalic by Gili_18.jpg
Lalic by Gili_23.jpg
Lalic by Gili_17.jpg
Lalic by Gili_16.jpg
Lalic by Gili_15.jpg
Lalic by Gili_13.jpg
Lalic by Gili_12.jpg
Lalic by Gili_6.jpg
Lalic by Gili_10.jpg
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