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Joy's World x BFW

The looks of editor-in-chief Gili Biegun

By Mladen Nadji and Gili Biegun 

April 19'

Belgrade, Serbia

All the local and global designers I wore during the 45th edition of Belgrade Fashion Week.

Special thanks to I.Dea PR for coordinating this unique project and to Belgrade Fashion Week team for having me.

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Aleksandra Lalić coat from the Milena Dravić tribute show

Aleksandra Lalić total look (belt and shoes: private collection)

Ana Ljubinković coat

Top and pants: Budislava Keković

Shoes: Reike Nen

Bag: Polene

Aleksandra Lalić total look

(boots: private collection)

Aleksandra Lalić total look

Bag: Polene

Pants: Petja Zorec

Shoes: Abo Shoes

Sunglasses: Florence Factory

Dress: Budislava Keković

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