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A talk with Nadine Merabi 
a fashionable entrepreneur

A self-made businesswoman and seamstress, Nadine's prioritizes a supportive approach and is a values-driven leader that ensures the ideal result for both her brand and her team.
The British-Lebanese fashion designer goal is to make women feel confident when wearing her pieces. Using the finest quality materials, Nadine ensures her collections are created to be cherished, collected, and adored - made with heart and made by hand. 


Q: Who is the woman you have in mind when designing a new collection? 

A: Every piece is designed for a specific woman. The Merabi woman is confident but she’s still a real person who has insecurities. When I’m designing new pieces, I  fabricate the woman in my head. I think what would this person be called if they were to wear this dress, what is their personality, what do they like/dislike. Then I design the piece based on that.


Q: You’ve just launched your first-ever resort collection. Tell me about your creative process and how it came to be.

A: A lot of the time it starts with the fabric and developing the design with it. I’m very led by the fabric because it tells me what it wants to be. Plain fabrics tend to be more classic. We make our own patterns and design in house from scratch which only inspires me more.

I don’t do sketches, I see it in my head and then design it from there. 


Q: What inspires you and what empowers you?

A: My girls! They make me want to be better and I want to show them that women can be strong, they can be mothers and businesswomen. I want to empower and inspire them.

Q:In the ever-changing landscape of the fashion industry, how do you keep up with the current trends while staying faithful to the brand’s identity?

A: I don’t really follow trends that closely to start with so with trends coming and going so quickly these days I can’t keep up with them, which works for us because it keeps the designs true to what I want them to be.


Q:Tell me about 1 big challenge you had in your journey with NADINE MERABI the brand, and how you overcame it.

A: Growing the business globally is a constant challenge. We grew quickly in a very short period of time. We adapted by moving to a bigger warehouse and growing the team from 30 -100 in 12 months. It wasn’t the first time we’d been faced with challenges. During the pandemic, we struggled like many other brands, but ended up turning the negative into a positive by releasing our luxurious Darcie pyjamas. This ended up changing everything for us and we not only survived, but grew.


Q: What would be your advice to other women who inspire to have a career as creative director of a fashion brand? 

A: I would say don’t listen to other people because sometimes they can get into your head. Stay focused on your desire to do it and be confident. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake or fail because that’s how you learn. 


Q:What is coming next for NADINE MERABI? 

A: We’re really focused on international expansion and honing in on where we’re seeing natural and organic interest in the brand, which is the US right now. We’re really trying to cater to this market in more detail and exploring new cities.

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