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Sustainability, Emerging Designers, and Fashion Fusion at Budapest Central European Fashion Week

21st of October 2023

Article by  Gili Biegun

In the heart of Central Europe, a remarkable transformation is unfolding within the fashion landscape. The Budapest Central European Fashion Week (BCEFW) has returned as a dynamic celebration of creativity, sustainability, and the emergence of young design talent. Under the auspices of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, this event is a defining moment where style and substance converge to shape the future of fashion.

Sustainability at the Core

In an era where sustainability is no longer a trend but a mandate for the fashion industry, BCEFW is setting a prime example. The event aimed to act as a bridge between regional countries, opening doors for designers to enter the international fashion scene. Sustainability isn’t a mere buzzword here; it’s a commitment deeply ingrained in the fabric of this event.
Zsófia Jakab, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency’s CEO state,“A key pillar of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency’s strategy is to strengthen the Hungarian fashion and design industry’s regional position. An accentuated goal of the BCEFW, held twice a year, is to connect the industry players from Hungary and other regional countries as a bridge which provides a possibility to expand their trade relations and widen their international visibility. The event also has a significant touristic role as we are again expecting a wide circle of international press and digital content creators to the event, who can get to know the best of Hungarian fashion at arm’s length from the World Heritage-listed Castle District. The central location of the event allows guests arriving from abroad to explore and showcase the captivating sights of Budapest, thereby further enhancing Hungary’s tourist appeal.” But BCEFW goes a step further. This season, it proudly provided a platform for talented designers and brands hailing from war-torn regions. Ukrainian designers have once again showcase their work in the SS24 season, demonstrating that fashion can be a powerful instrument of expression and resilience.

Championing Emerging Designers

BCEFW’s unwavering commitment to nurturing future generations is evident in the introduction of the Fashion Hub. Anita Forintos-Szűcs, Deputy General Managing Director of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, explains,“We trust that a coordinated professional event supported by the Advisory Board, such as the BCEFW, can transform the creativity in domestic and regional countries into a competitive edge. We are devoted supporters of future generations, and in this event, we would like to cover as many aspects of this ambition as possible. This year, we will open the Fashion Hub during the BCEFW for the first time, which we have designed in line with young people’s interests. The focus on talent management will be seen on the runways as well. We hope that many of the new and emerging designers, stretching their wings and evolving in front of our eyes, will enter the international arena” 

A Fashion Spectacle and Beyond

The runway shows are just the beginning. BCEFW's side events are a journey of their own. From street style photography to delving into the universe of TikTok trends, and engaging workshops to thought-provoking roundtable discussions, there's something for everyone. The focus on Generation Z is evident, with musical performances, pop-up stores, and captivating workshops designed to cater to the youth.

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