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Belgrade Fashion Week  | Runway 

Best of Belgrade Fashion Week

100% unique and original photography

By Gili Biegun 

18th-20th of April 19'

Belgrade, Serbia

The 45th edition of Belgrade Fashion Week took place at BelExpo Centar this April. From swimwear to evening gowns, gender fluidity, suits and social responsibility BFW catwalk presented diversified collections. 

This is the best of Belgrade Fashion Week April 19':

Budislava Keković, Vesna Kracanović,  Aleksandra Lalić, Gala Borović, Dejana Momčilović, Petja Zorec, BULKA, GetUp, Ana Ljubinković and SestreS.

Special thanks to I.Dea PR for coordinating this unique project and to Belgrade Fashion Week team for having me.

BFW part |  BFW part 2  |  BFW part 3   |   Joy's World x BFW 

Belgrade fashion week part 1_65.jpg

Budislava Keković collection  “The duality of the gentle but strong woman”.

Belgrade fashion week part 1_57.jpg

Designer Vesna Kracanović  “Sorbet” collection.

“everything can be solved, and each solution can be resolved in a new way “.

belgrade fashion week part 2_90.jpg

Dejana Momčilović collection “This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine”

belgrade fashion week part 2_78.jpg

SestreS ’Threaded Snow’’

belgrade fashion week part 2_48.jpg
belgrade fashion week part 2_34.jpg
belgrade fashion week part 2_2.jpg

Bulka collection ''Woman – Mother – Queen!''

belgrade fashion week part 2_7.jpg
Lalic by Gili_73.jpg

Aleksandra Lalić, micro collection “I've Been Too Fucking Busy - or Vice Versa”

Lalic by Gili_29.jpg
Lalic by Gili_2.jpg
Lalic by Gili_80.jpg
ana ljubinkovic_4.jpg

Ana Ljubinkovic’s AW 2019/20 collection"ELSEWHERE". 

Elaborate details, zircons and lace, luxurious materials and various textures.

ana ljubinkovic_35.jpg
ana ljubinkovic_19.jpg
get up_13.jpg

GetUp by Jasmina Vujović minimal elegance in black and white

get up_16.jpg

Petja Zorec collection ''bLOSS19om''

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