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Fashion , Vol.5

Il nuovo rinascimento
the new renaissance


by Fabian Wolf 

JOYS Fashion Book vol.5

Autumn Winter 2019 2020

This is the story about 3 street-art studios based among Florentine upper class Pallazi, Micheline starred restaurants and antique galleries. San Niccolo is a neighborhood of contrast in the Renaissance world capital.
Situated in the South of River Arno, the area is confined by two bridges; Ponte Vecchio in the West and Ponte San Niccolo in the East.
Over the last 15 years the scenery changed drastically in the once quit Florentine quarter. The move of young artists to the neighborhood brought life to the area; before 2004 there wasn’t much going on. 

The old city centre of Florence is surrounded by 14th century walls and protected by the laws of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, which means it is not allowed to change the city’s facades in an objective way. 
Meanwhile, the well-established San Niccolo’s street-artists spread their message in the protected area. The contrast between the law and reality spiked my curiosity and I was on a mission to understand the New Renaissance art scene in Florence.....

The full story in now available at JOYS Fashion Book vol.5

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