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Fashion , Vol.4

From Yugoslavia with Love

All analog camera photography

Styling, art direction and Photography by Gili Biegun

Vanja Vasic, Bianka Jusufovic
Hair by Paolla Hairstyle
Makeup Maja Vasic
Collections Aleksandra Lalić,

Budislava Keković, Ana Ljubinković

Special thanks to I.dea PR and Belgrade Fashion Week

This a preview of an editorial from JOYS Fashion Book vol.4 printed edition available here

The full article is printed on high quality full color paper and is shipped world wide.


The 45th issue of Belgrade Fashion Week took place in Belgrade in April 2019. On the 18th of April, as part of the official fashion week program, numerous designers took part of a tribute catwalk in the memory of Serbian actress Milena Dravić, who passed away in October of 2018. This fashion show inspired this editorial.

An interview with Aleksandra Lalić about her collection, Milena Dravić and the Black Wave​

Tell me about your collection. What is the subject? What is your inspiration for this collection?
The microcollection emerged as a visual note of subjectivation of time or as a means of defining ‘woman’s (no)work’. The romantic desire for finding personal meaning and a pressure for self-realisation exist together in work and free time. The contemporary imperative: “life must be interesting” – is the roof under which work time and free time are spoilt with choices. Leisure time in that way becomes productive slavery, coercion demanding as work and fantastic possibility for realisation of one’s full potential.
In between burn out and revolution, being a woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister, worker, comrade, whore and queen, she finds an interim utopian time in which speech replaces the body and its experiences, traumas, memories and pleasures. “The Interim” is thus a space relieved of the terror of self-realization, efficiency and non-conformism. 

Why did you choose this name for your collection?
That is the quote of the American poet, critic and satirist Dorothy Parker. When asked by her publisher why her work had not been submitted while on her honeymoon she answered: “I’ve been too fucking busy, or vice versa”. Since I was thinking about that unclear lines between working and free time, I found this very appropriate and.....

This a preview of an editorial from JOYS Fashion Book vol.4 printed edition available here