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Giardino Delle Rose

Styling and art direction by Gili Biegun

Photography by Martha Thomson

May 19'

Florence, Italy

In a collaboration with Pelletteria Artigiana Viviani

''Pelletteria Artigiana Viviani has its roots in the great tradition of Florentine and Tuscan leather manufacturing of handmade leather products. Created in 1965, it immediately distinguished itself as an ideal continuation of the centuries-old tradition of Florentine workshops. And it is a rare example of a store with its workshop in view. The customer can buy a unique piece of craftsmanship and, at the same time, see the laboratory where the bags are created by skilled craftsmen.''

Long top Esthe'

Trench 310Mood

Dress shirt Anna Giulia Firenze

giardino delle rose_27.jpg
giardino delle rose_28.jpg
giardino delle rose_24.jpg
giardino delle rose_23.jpg
giardino delle rose_36.jpg
giardino delle rose_29.jpg
giardino delle rose_17.jpg
giardino delle rose_22.jpg
giardino delle rose_32.jpg
giardino delle rose_31.jpg
giardino delle rose_39.jpg
giardino delle rose_41.jpg
giardino delle rose_38.jpg
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giardino delle rose_30.jpg
giardino delle rose_16.jpg
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