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Travel, Vol.5

Hotel Parister

A visual story by Gili Biegun

Paris, France | July 2019

This visual story is part of JOYS Fashion Book vol.5 Autumn Winter 2019/2020 printed edition (coming soon)

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Designed by the architecture firm Beckman N'Thépé, Hotel Parister is a presentation of modern Paris. Impeccable interior aesthetic designed by Céline Boullenger using raw materials and combining them in an inside-outside space, she created a heavenly sanctuary and a refuge from the busy city-centre of Paris.


Located in a quiet residential street at the 9th arrondissement of Paris, Hotel Parister is a lifestyle package: 

The wellness program is created and managed by the Parisian start-up CYD and its team of certified trainers. A spa area with an indoor pool is open to all guests of the hotel.

The cocktail bar run by Le Distrait, a renowned cocktail bar in Paris and offers unique and delicious drinks such as Yuzu powder & icelandic Gin, Goji berries and Jamaïcan Rhum, Pepper from Timut & Pisco from Latin America.

In the common areas, you will find the works of art of art galleries, Karen Swami's ceramics, as well as Aude Lechère's jewelry.


45 rooms and suits, some offer balconies with street or courtyard view. 

the Parister hotel is proud of its timeless and typically Parisian elegance.

Parister Hotel 

19 rue saulnier 

75009  Paris 

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