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Travel, Vol.5

Hotel Verneuil

A visual story by Gili Biegun

Paris, France | July 2019

This visual story is part of JOYS Fashion Book vol.5 Autumn Winter 2019/2020 printed edition (coming soon)

Hotel Verneuil_8.jpg

At the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in the Left Bank, Hôtel Verneuil is a true Parisian charm. It got its Parisian "art de vivre" thanks to a close collaboration between owner Nicolas Nonon, designer/architect Isabelle Stanislas and a combination between interior design with contemporary art.

Located opposite Serge Gainsbourg's iconic house and was formerly the residence of acclaimed author James Baldwin, the hotel has welcomed numerous artists and authors, and draws inspiration from these symbols of freedom, creativity, music and a chic bohemian lifestyle.


Both Nicolas Nonon and Isabelle Stanislas share a passion for art, a love of Paris, and a similar working style: "Both of us have always been inspired by working with artists, with creative spirits from across the artistic universe, from the worlds of fashion, photography and literature." explained Nicolas Nonon.


Inspired by Renzo Piano in her intellectual approach, Tadeo Ando in her architecture of light, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in her vision of volumes. "These three geniuses helped me to create my own artistic alphabet. I invented a new vocabulary that enabled me to preserve a grammar of happiness and beauty". Isabelle Stanislas


The hotel’s 26 rooms are spread over the building’s five floors. Although each room is different, they all reflect the same inspiration. Each preserve the building's architectural history, including exposed beams, stone vaulted ceilings, and double-casing windows that open onto the peaceful Rue de Verneuil.

Hôtel Verneuil

8, rue de Verneuil 
75007 - Paris

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The Hôtel Verneuil is enmeshed with art: the art of those who once lived here, the art that abounds in the neighbourhood and its internationally renowned galleries. Passionate about contemporary art, Nicolas Nonon created the Verneuil collection. The collection's first major work is artist Claude Lévêque's "Regarde les rire" (neon blue, white, red - 2015). He is represented by the Kamel Mennour gallery.The second major work is that of photographer and cinematographer Alexandre de Mortemart (Paris 2018). He is represented in France by the Agathe Gaillard gallery. These works will be exhibited in the hotel lounge, and other works will subsequently be added to the collection. For the rooms and lounge, Isabelle Stanislas selected photos by artists with a connection to the history of the hotel, of the neighbourhood and of its artists

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