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Sustainability, Tradition, and Innovation:
The 14th edition of Ljubljana Fashion Week

18th of October 2023

Article by  Gili Biegun

Ljubljana, the picturesque capital of Slovenia, has emerged as a fashion hub, blending its rich cultural heritage with a forward-thinking ethos. Ljubljana Fashion Week (LJFW) is an annual celebration of Central European fashion that has gained international recognition


I had the pleasure to explore the city's unique fashion scene, the recent LJFW edition, and see the vision of executive producer, Melinda Rebrek, the come to life.

Ljubljana, nestled beside the serene Ljubljanica River, exudes an understated elegance that harmoniously combines historical charm with contemporary appeal. The Old Town's time-worn streets and gentle-hued edifices narrate tales of the city's rich past, while the modern structures like Center Rog stand as symbols of its forward-thinking spirit.


The city's commitment to sustainability, recognized when it was designated the European Green Capital in 2016, is a thread woven through the fabric of LJFW. The event showcases designers exploring eco-conscious solutions, from upcycling to local production. The LJFW retail shop at Center Rog provides a platform for the display and sale of innovative, sustainable fashion, promoting ethical and mindful consumption.


A Platform for Diversity and Sustainability


This year's 14th edition of LJFW was historic, featuring the largest contingent of Slovenian designers to date, with over 30 talents gracing the runway. 

Melinda Rebrek, the executive producer of LJFW, captured the spirit of the event perfectly, stating,"We are happy that we felt the mutual energy with the Centre Rog team and together organised the first public event in the large event hall of the renovated building, which will certainly resonate beyond our borders. This year, in addition to the red thread of sustainability, which is increasingly important for us and our descendants, we also emphasize the importance of authenticity and self-acceptance, freedom from social expectations and the importance of focusing on your true image. Each individual is a valuable part of the mosaic of the world with a unique perspective and contribution, and Ljubljana Fashion Week is one of the events that embraces all forms of creativity with joy and pride. We are grateful to all partners who support us in this and have recognized the added value in our (co)operation for years,"

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LJFW excels in highlighting the dynamic fashion scene in the Central European region. This event underscores the current state of customer taste, emphasizing the influence of upcycling, and sustainabilit, which have become mainstream in recent years. Slovenian designers skillfully create collections that are versatile and accessible, tailored to modern consumer needs. The focus on slouchy silhouettes, eccentricity, and proportion play is indicative of the designers' dedication to making their pieces adaptable for diverse wardrobes.

LJFW was hosted in the newly renovated creative hub, Center Rog, a former bicycle factory. This eclectic venue perfectly encapsulated the spirit of innovation and rebirth, creating a unique backdrop for the fashion extravaganza. The runway saw a diverse range of aesthetics and trends, from avant-garde couture to streetwear chic, embodying the event's commitment to embracing all forms of creativity.

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Ljubljana Fashion Week is a testament to the thriving fashion scene in Central European region, with Slovenian designers showcasing a blend of tradition and innovation. This event, steered by the dynamic Melinda Rebrek, continues to evolve, emphasizing sustainability, diversity, and authenticity. As the world recognizes the importance of ethical fashion and consumer consciousness, LJFW serves as an inspiring platform, highlighting the creative energy of the region and promoting a harmonious blend of history and modernity on the catwalk

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