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World Influencers Awards 2023 will honor the most influential personalities for the fifth time during Cannes Film Festival.

WIBA, the Awards for Influencers and Talents, will take place on May 26th, 2023 in the iconic Hotel Martinez, Cannes, during Cannes Film Festival.

Mariia Grazhina Chaplin, CEO of WIBA: ''I am proud to announce the fifth-anniversary WIBA Awards edition this year. And there is a lot of thing making the 2023 ceremony special: the trophies exclusively designed by famous artist Richard Orlinski; also, we expect to host 400 honorary guests in a fabulous newly renovated venue in Hotel Martinez.'' 

''We want to turn influencers' potential into a wide-reaching power to act, change the world for the better, and help bring about universal peace, justice, and equal opportunities for all.''


Photos courtesy of WIBA

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