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Spring Summer 2020 | Budapest November 2019

A visual story by Gili Biegun

Budapest Central European Fashion Week

day 1

bcefw day 1.jpg
bcefw day 1_33.jpg
bcefw day 1_38.jpg

Day one of Budapest Central European Fashion Week took place at the Tesla space in the center of Budapest and featured various international and local emerging and established designers. 

JEAN GRITSFELDT (UA), ROUSSIN (UA), PATRICK McDOWELL (UK), VIKTORIA VARGA Budapest, GILBERTO CALZOLARI (Italy),  CAKO and the YOUNG TALENTS SHOW PRESENTED BY MOL presented an eclectic mix of styles of women's wear.

bcefw day 1_36.jpg
bcefw day 1_35.jpg
bcefw day 1_24.jpg
bcefw day 1_28.jpg
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