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The rebirth of Florence

Cuoio di Toscana joins Dolce&Gabbana for the special event “Renaissance and Rebirth”

2nd of September 2020 | Florence, Italy


Months of lockdown, strict restrictions and closed boarders were a strong hit to the Renaissance capital. The city of Florence was in a comatose state and in need of immediate aid.

It finally arrived.

The Rebirth of Florence.

Pitti Immagine in a special collaboration with the cityhall of Florence and Dolce & Gabbana revived the uniqueness of the Made in Tuscany vision. 

Palazzo Vecchio was chosen to feature the Italian brands Haute Couture collection with a special feature of unique pieces hand-made in Tuscany.

''The consortium Cuoio di Toscana, the absolute leader in the production of sole leather, with a 98% share of the Italian market and over 80% at the European level, longstanding partner of the principal international brands, and ambassador of Italian excellence, has been invited to

create some exclusive pieces – a coat and two accessories - that Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have included in the extraordinary Alta Sartoria men's collection, as well as for the cover of a book, published in limited edition, dedicated to the artisans of Florence.''

CUOIO DI TOSCANA x Dolce&Gabbana _11.jpg
CUOIO DI TOSCANA x Dolce&Gabbana _9.jpg

"The Florentine Renaissance has always represented for us the realm of the extraordinary, of pure creativity, of manual skill of the highest order, just as love for art, handmade products and Italy have always been the cornerstones of our work. Involving the artisans was a natural choice, inspired by their knowledge, skill, and devotion", commented Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Hand made from artisan to catwalk: 
On 2 September 2020, the leading Consortium in the creation of sole leather set up a work table with an artisan who unveiled the construction phases of footwear starting from a sustainable, green and natural raw material. Federico Bechini produce bespoke luxury shoes in Tuscany with Cuoio di  Toscano: ''it is actually a very sustainable process and materials. There is a respect for the workers and the impacted on the environment is very low.''

CUOIO DI TOSCANA x Dolce&Gabbana _14.jpg

Piazza Santa Maria Novella 

Photos by Gili Biegun at The Cuoio Di Toscana event

Think Globally, Act Locally

"The three-day Dolce&Gabbana event, in collaboration with Pitti Immagine and the City of Florence, has an international scope", explains Antonio Quirici, president of the Consorzio Cuoio di Toscana, "and promotes the image of the city and its industries in a noble and important way. As such, it is in line with the objectives of the Consortium, which promotes the value of this iconic and sustainable raw material, appreciated and recognised on all markets. This event is a source of pride for us because it celebrates the mastery, prestige, and shared values of Made in Italy and Made in Tuscany".

CUOIO DI TOSCANA x Dolce&Gabbana _13.jpg
CUOIO DI TOSCANA x Dolce&Gabbana _8.jpg
CUOIO DI TOSCANA x Dolce&Gabbana _7.jpg
CUOIO DI TOSCANA x Dolce&Gabbana _4.jpg

Natural material and hand-made craftsmanship

Photos by Gili Biegun 

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