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Fashion , Paris Fashion Week SS20


Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020

A 35mm analogue visual story by Gili Biegun

''A journey, through time and space. Ancient Egypt revived from the past, faded colours are bright and vivid again, hair-braid girls make an entry in flying vehicles. Bring your curiosity and imagination, join the journey with DAWEI in 2020 Spring Summer to the parallel universe, where you can visit Egypt in the future.


In DAWEI’s 2020 Spring Summer collection, asymmetric draping and ruffles are like waves surrounding the body, creating sculpture-like silhouettes, gives away subtle hint from the ancient plain. But this is not just a scenery tour, deconstructed details on knitted maxi-dress or corset reveals the carefully curated narratives.

Geometric lines, urban elements and futuristic vibes, remind us that we are in DAWEI’s version of universe.

Paper-like fabric is as light as air, creating a free moving silhouette, asymmetric and sporty elements can be found in details. Among all the different shades of white, there are vibrant colours like neon lights shinning in the future-world city.


We travel through time and space, in search of unique beauty. Join this journey with DAWEI, see you in the future world.''


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JOYS production 

A film by Maggie Zhu

creative direction assistant Gili Biegun

location Milan Fashion Week

Fashion editors running in heels during fashion week spring summer 2020 month.

A unique point of view on and off the runway~ 

The editor's choice