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Joy's World x Mercedes Benz Fashion Week RUSSIA 


 Moscow October 2019

A visual story by Gili Biegun


I don't speak Russia, or so I thought, After a week in Moscow I've discovered that speaking Russian is more than words. Its a state of mind. Its a feeling.

white dress_16.jpg
white dress_11.jpg
silver dress_47.jpg
silver dress_10.jpg
silver dress_72.jpg
silver dress_4.jpg

Dress by Sonya Krees

Coat by Elad Oshri

Bag Patrizia Pepe

Heels Gucci

silver dress_21.jpg
silver dress_28.jpg
silver dress_38.jpg
elad oshri_7.jpg
elad oshri_24.jpg
silver dress_30.jpg
silver dress_68.jpg
silver dress_61.jpg
elad oshri_3.jpg
elad oshri_29.jpg
elad oshri_15.jpg
elad oshri_17.jpg
elad oshri_23.jpg
beige by olga_22.jpg
beige by olga_18.jpg
beige by olga_16.jpg
beige by olga_15.jpg
beige by olga_1.jpg
beige by olga_13.jpg
beige by olga_8.jpg
beige by olga_7.jpg