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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week RUSSIA 


day 1

Moscow October 2019

A visual story by Gili Biegun

I felts like a little girl in a candy shop walking in The Moscow Manege for the first time. Professional make up artists offering free makeup sessions, 2 700 guests runways, pop up shops and a VIP champagne bar. 

But it was a quick visit at the backstage that revieled to me that MBFW Russia is so much more then the glamours  convention direction and owner Alexander Shumsky designed it to be.

Open minded, diverse and global. It feels as if MBFW Russia brings Moscow to a better the future.



Global Talents


with a focus on functionality, AWS (after work studio) stands for fashion that is season-less in the classical sense. With a combination of feminine elegance with both sporty and classical elements, AWS develop collections which has a series of garments that present their continuous collection, with a focus on sustainability and local production. The fashion designer Karin Wüthrich and the graphic designer Matthias Fürst co-founded AWS 2016.

On the first day of MBFW Russia as part of the Global Talents platform they gave us a free and varied collection of wool, skiwear and mini-jackets in orange, all accentuated with black straps and ribbons. The designers found a wonderful overall tone of deep, woolly black and coral tones.