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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week RUSSIA 


day 4

Moscow October 2019

A visual story by Gili Biegun


Global Talents


EXPATS COLLECTIVE is an international collective, a collaborative effort between publisher and fashion
editor Stephan Rabimov, designer Vasily Vein of San Francisco, Liliana Bahor and Ella
Shadrunova from Vyborg.
''The brand is the epitome of slow fashion, with every garment created individually and uniquely.
Their debut collection, Spring/Summer 2020, is inspired by Polenitsa (Slavic folklore warrior women-
Valkyries), the Romanov dynasty (represented by golden badges and stars of military honor, as well as
red ribbons cutting through an olive drab dress) and the October Communist Revolution (elements in
striking crimson, military cut on many jumpsuits and jackets).
The color red, used sparingly but effectively, is a main leitmotif of the collection, showing up in wool,
capes, dresses and accessories. The looks chosen are simply divine and very classic, draped dresses and
shawls, capes and jackets, one-piece tracksuits and long, pleated skirts. 
Much of the inner fabrics of the outfits were lined with red velvet.
All fabrics were shimmery and flowing, with velvet and shiny silk making an appearance.
The final parts of the collection were very “Red Riding Hood”, with large red hoods and oversized belt
buckles on black leather coats.
A collection for the modern warrior valkyrie, bound for revenge against her enemies in dramatic and
flawless outfits, this is definitely one of the highlights of this week - expect to see much more from this
new brand.''